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Acid Alkaline Diet eBook Collection

Also on eBay sold as:

  • The Acid-alkaline Diet eBook Collection
  • Acid Alkaline Balance Diet
  • 11 Acid Alkaline Balance Diet eBooks

Download Link: alkaline_diet.zip

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As always, we provide eBooks strictly for the purpose of education. You should always seek professional qualified help from a registered medical practitioner before changing your current diet.


This eBook collection lays out step-by-step how to do an alkaline diet the right way. The eBook collection includes:
-An extensive list of food acidity/alkalinity (pH) values
-A list of foods that are usually contaminated with microbes and bacteria (better avoid these)
-A guide for getting the right amounts of protein and from which alkaline foods
-A guide for getting better quality calcium from alkaline foods than you’d ever get from milk
-A sample weekly menu to help you design your own
-A complete shopping list to help you buy the right alkaline foods the next time you go grocery shopping.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:
-How you can lose weight and feel healthy in a gradual, not drastic way with lasting results
-How you can eat alkaline foods and still enjoy dinners out with friends and family
-How to enjoy the hearty texture of a fish or a casserole while maintaining your alkaline diet
-How to eat good, healthy alkaline foods while on the road
-How to fit alkaline foods and an alkaline diet into your busy lifestyle
-How to keep yourself healthy once you’ve reached your goal
-What to buy at the supermarket, and how to prepare alkaline foods quickly and easily
-How to use water to lose weight
-How to pick the right alkaline foods, both at home when you’re eating out
-How to hydrate properly, and what kinds of waters to drink
-How to combine the right foods for fastest results
-What food pH means, and how to use it to get better results
-What alkaline foods you should eat all the time
-What non-alkaline foods to avoid at all costs
-How to get all the protein, calcium, and vitamins your body needs from alkaline foods
-How to design menus that are yummy for any occasion
-How to pick the right exercises to help you become healthier as you become alkaline
-How to make your body think it is exercising, without spending a minute in the gym
And much more.



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